Ways to Make a Marriage Work after a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Posted on March 16, 2020

It was the last day of David’s work trip, and he was excited to reunite with his wife after six months. He bought gifts for the love of his life, packed his bag, and set out for the airport, but little did he know about what life had in store for him. Just while he was on his way to the airport, he met a terrible road accident, incurring a severe Traumatic Brain Injury – TBI. When he opened his eyes, he found himself in a hospital room, where his wife was sleeping, holding his hand. Teardrops rolled down his face, and he knew then and there, things had changed. 

Things get very depressing for people after they survive a brain injury. Their life goes through a significant change. 

Ever since you came back after a TBI, you have not been able to connect with your spouse? Well, you are not alone. Just like David, there are millions of things that are rushing through your mind, which you cannot share with your spouse. It is precisely what paves the way for damage in a marriage. While you think that you have become a burden on your spouse and that they can spend a better life without you, your spouse is thinking about how their efforts are not enough. The difference in how both spouses think is one of the major factors that strain a marriage after one of them incurs a TBI. 

You love your spouse, and cannot think of a way to make your marriage work after your brain injury? Well, you need to start somewhere. 

Start Talking

One of the many reasons why marriages end after one of the spouses incurs a TBI is lack of communication. The injury creates a communication gap between the couple. Even though all couples realize what is happening, only a few can bridge the gap. The only way this communication gap can be filled is through talking. If you do not discuss what you are thinking with your spouse, they will never understand why you are pushing them away. Start talking and sharing before it is too late. 

Go to Therapy

Yes, it might seem like an extreme step, but couple’s therapy can work wonders for the couple going through a tough post-TBI phase. Visit a therapist, and it will help you and your spouse to open up. It will help you both discover things that were damaging your relationship. Once you can identify these factors, you can address them to build a stable relationship with your spouse. 

Spend Quality Time Together

Do you know what will help you regain the lost connection with your spouse? Quality time. Plan date nights, go on walks, plan a mini-getaway, or sit and talk for hours. Try to do things together so that you both can bond and clear out the heaviness in the air that is weighing you down. 

These are a few ways you can make your marriage work after going through a TBI. A brain injury is not the end of your life. If you manage it the right way, you will be able to overcome it and get back to your life.