Meet Our Staff

Chrissy StamegnaCBIS, ARF Executive Director

Rosemary Perez Administrative Assistant

Silvia Espinosa Care Transitions Support

Angela Aromin Banner House Caregiver

Jaynee Goddard Banner House Caregiver

Ana Guzman Banner House Caregiver

Vanessa McDonald Banner House Caregiver

Tatiana Price Banner House Caregiver

Marissa Saunders Banner House Caregiver

Bernadette Lyons-Sales Community Outreach

David CervantesARF Banner House Program Administrator

Anna GendronMS, CBIS, ARF Activities Coordinator

Linda Koplan Community Outreach Volunteer

LaVaida Olson Care Transitions Support, BH Caregiver

Lily ZepedaCBIS, ARF Care Transitions Program Administrator

Miriam Packard Administrative Assistant

Diana Albarran Care Transitions Support

Bryan Magana Care Transitions Support

Oscar Berber Banner House Caregiver

Enrique Gonzalez Banner House Caregiver

Tara Hayden Banner House Caregiver

Cory Molina Banner House Caregiver

Matidle Ruiz Banner House Caregiver

Donna Green Community Outreach

Jorge Suarez Community Outreach

Michele Evelyn Community Outreach & Administrative Assistant

Diana Hernandez Banner House Activities Volunteer

Berenise Lemus Care Transitions Support, BH Assistant Admin

Charles T. WatsonMBA, RCFE, ARF Executive Consultant

Meet Our Board Members

Mohit Chhaya Vice President

Kristen LintonMSW, PhD President Professor of Health Science at CSU ‐ Channel Islands

John A. Cortes Treasurer Director, Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine
Community Memorial Health System

Sue TatangeloMAOM Secretary Board Chair, Ventura County Credit Union
Parent of a TBI Survivor

Laurel Householder (Coppage)NP Member at Large Nurse Practitioner with CI Urgent Care and Pacific Pain Management
Parent and Caregiver of TBI Survivor

Dani Anderson Member at Large Disability Access Manager
County of Ventura

Donna Davies Member at Large

Graal Diaz Member at Large Anacapa Surgical Associates

Sally Grove Member at Large Post‐Acute Manager
Dignity Heath: St Johns Hospitals

James HermanMD FAANS, FCAS Member at Large Neurosurgeon with Anacapa Surgical Associates and Ventura County Medical Center Chief of Surgery VCMC
Board Member Ventura County Medical Association

Jenna Prewitt Member at Large TBI Survivor