How to Improve Cognitive Functioning After a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Posted on March 14, 2020

One of the leading causes of death and morbidity around the world is a traumatic brain injury. One accident can turn your entire life upside down if you survive. Recovering from such a severe accident is not easy. It not only puts a question mark on one’s physical fitness but also to their mental health and stability. 

If you have lost your focus in life or facing concentration challenges after experiencing a significant jolt in life, then you need to understand that you are not alone. Many traumatic injury victims are in a somewhat similar situation. Even the most mentally alert and sharp people lose their cognitive abilities after undergoing a traumatic brain injury. It is common for victims of TBI to experience negative changes in their life. Along with behavioral, psychological, and behavioral issues, these people have to live with reduced cognitive abilities.

It is common for TBI victims to ponder upon the fact of whether they can get back their cognitive abilities or not. While this might seem like something close to impossible, it really is not. There are ways through which you can work on your cognitive functioning and considerably improve your brain functioning, if not completely regain it all.

Exercising Regularly 

One way people can improve their cognitive functioning after a brain injury or concussion is through exercising. Many people might not understand the link between physical exercise and mental functioning, but there is a deep connection. Physical activity gives your body strength and improves cardiovascular health. Both of these factors contribute to improved cognitive ability. 

Step into New Environments

Were you a banker in your pre-injury life? Or were you a professor before things got bad? Well, it is time that you step into a new environment. Regardless of what your activities were in your life before, you can step into a new environment and give your brain the exposure it needs. Sometimes a little push is all that one needs. Learning to dance has proven to work wonders for such people, and it can even help you improve your brain's functionality. 

Learning a New Language

Have you ever thought about trying to learn a new language? If not, then this is the time you take advantage of your injury and set a new goal of learning a new language. When you start learning a new language, it gives your brain a kind of exposure that works well for its well-being. It improves one’s memory and enhances the brain’s auditory processing power. 

Trying a Hand at New Instruments

Adding some form of mental exercise in life can significantly improve a TBI victim’s cognitive functioning. Trying your hand on a new instrument will give your brain a chance to start running again. Learning a new song and a new instrument can work wonders for people trying to restore their cognitive abilities. 

Online Brain Training Tools

Another effective way to improve the functioning of the brain after an injury is to use brain training tools. In the digital era, finding such tools is not something very difficult. You can find a plethora of smartphone applications that are primarily focusing on improving one’s brain functioning. 

These are the most common yet effective ways to regain cognitive abilities after going through a severe TBI. Remember that it is your will power that does the trick for you. The key is to stay strong and push yourself to do better in life. With this approach, you will see significant improvements in your life.