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BIC Brain Injury Home at Banner Avenue Added on July 30, 2019

Description: 24/7 residential care for people with brain injury, 6 bed facility

Casa Colina at Apple Valley Added on July 30, 2019

Description: Casa Colina at Apple Valley is a 42-bed residential care facility for men and women with traumatic or acquired brain injuries (TBI or ABI). We seek to guide clients toward greater independence and fulfillment by addressing the physical, cognitive, and emotional needs they face after their injury, in a manner that recognizes their dignity and self-esteem. Our clients are typically healthy, with a desire to develop personal living skills and be active participants in their community.

Casa Colina at Apple Valley offers respite, intermediate, and long-term care for clients with a broad range of functional abilities. Our structured living program includes individuals who require maximum supervision and living assistance; those with mild behavioral challenges who may eventually develop the skills to interact independently within the community; and individuals capable of minimally assisted independent activity, such as driving to and from work or college.

Casa Colina at Rancho Pino Verde Added on July 30, 2019

Description: Casa Colina at Rancho Pi–o Verde is a 36-bed facility offering respite, intermediate, and long-term residential care for individuals who have experienced traumatic or acquired brain injury (TBI or ABI) and are behaviorally challenged. Since 1989, Casa Colina at Rancho Pi–o Verde has provided structured and semi-independent living to meet the unique needs of these clients in a manner that recognizes their dignity and self-esteem.

Our broad client base ranges from fully dependent, non-ambulatory individuals to ambulatory, semi-independent residents who undergo continuing education at nearby Victor Valley Community College. We offer 26 licensed beds for structured living and 10 non-licensed beds for semi-independent living.

Greenfield Care Center of Fillmore Added on July 30, 2019

  • Address: 118 B St. Fillmore • Ventura, CA 93015
  • Phone: (805)524-5250
  • Website:

Description: 2013 was a year of change for the local Skilled Nursing Facility in Fillmore. Greenfield Care Center of Fillmore was founded as a 98 bed facility. With the new ownership, the facility has continued to evolve and thrive, providing the best quality of care for the residents who reside at the facility. We ensure that all residents are treated with dignity and respect while creating individualized care for our residents based on their needs and desires. Greenfield Care Center provides an uplifting atmosphere of healing and excels at meeting our residentÕs needs. Whether the goal is a short term stay of rehabilitation, or a long term stay our team is here to assist you in meeting your goals.

Hidden Valley Ranch Rehabilitation Services Inc. Added on July 30, 2019

  • Address: 16585 Highland Valley Road, P.O. Box 1550 • Ramona, CA 92065
  • Phone: (760) 789-4600
  • Website:

Description: Hidden Valley Ranch has been designed to provide an active, therapeutic and recreational alternative for men and women with challenging behaviors from either an acquired or a traumatic brain injury.

Hidden Valley Ranch, located in a rural setting, combines educational, vocational and recreational components along with the structured activities of daily living to create a comprehensive, long-term living environment.

The Hidden Valley Ranch Program consists of four multi-acre, community-based residential sites in Ramona, California, approximately 40 minutes north of San Diego.

House of Dreams Added on July 30, 2019

  • Address: 11860 Milpas Drive • Apple Valley, CA 92308
  • Phone: (760) 240-5526

Learning Services Added on July 30, 2019

Description: Our Southern California facility, located in scenic North County San Diego provides a spacious, campus-based treatment and living environment. Suited for individuals who require intensive neurorehabilitation, the shared living residences are complemented by a rehabilitation and recreational facility offering comprehensive rehabilitation therapies with physical medicine oversight. The Southern California program offers three transitional living opportunities designed to assess each personÕs functional abilities while decreasing structure and supervision.

NeuroRestorative (formerly Solutions) Added on July 30, 2019

Description: Located in the residential neighborhood of Goleta, NeuroRestorative has been providing residential and day program rehabilitation services in Santa Barbara since 1988. The program has six beds in a ranch-style home fostering a tranquil, therapeutic environment. Our residential rehabilitation and day treatment programs offer the latest advancements in rehabilitation therapy and individualized care for individuals who have experienced traumatic brain injuries, post concussive syndrome, spinal cord injuries, strokes, and other neurological disorders. This program is a Licensed Transitional Living Center.

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