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Event Calendar

See below what we have coming up! Most events are offered free of charge, but we gladly accept donations to BIC to help us expand our ability to meet the needs in the community.


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Next Upcoming Special Event:

Virtual Art Workshop - Drawing May 18, 2021 • 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Beginning Drawing Workshop with artists Judith Hopkins and Karrie Ross

Drawing is a learned skill. The more we train our eyes to carefully observe things the better we get at drawing. In this workshop you will learn about basic drawing skills and develop techniques to make your own drawings. We will explore lines, shapes, shadow and light. Eventually we will combine all of these components to make a finished drawing.This workshop meets for 4 weeks. Each week we will cover a new topic. Drawings will be done during class, and longer drawings will be done outside of class time as homework. If you really want to improve your drawing skills, you should try to set aside time each day to draw in a sketch book. This daily practice greatly improves your observational and hand/eye coordination skills.

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