Front cover of the "A Father's Abundant Love" book.

A Father's Abundant Love

A book by Sue Stork

Susan Stork was 19 years old and a freshman in college when a near-fatal automobile accident smashed her young body and plunged her into a six-month coma. Only the superb work of several surgeons and her family's unfailing love and attention kept her alive.

Sue did miraculous awaken…but found that she was forever changed by a profound and permanent brain injury.

A Father's Abundant Love tells Sue's story from childhood, through her trauma and into years of rehabilitation and adaptation. Very little was known about brain injury in Ventura – or anywhere in the country, for that matter – but Sue's father, David Stork visited Washington, D.C. and Sacramento many times each attempting to encourage legislative action to help people with this major disability.

When not enough was being done, David, his wife Midge and a few other local families founded the Brain Injury Support Group of Ventura County – which later progressed into today's Brain Injury Center. Stories and pictures of those initial days are real highlights of this book, as is their plan for an inspiring future.

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