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See below what we have coming up! Most events are offered free of charge, but we gladly accept donations to BIC to help us expand our ability to meet the needs in the community.


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SDBIF's Speaker Series Zoom Meeting October 17, 2020 • 10:00am - 12:00pm

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October's SECOND Speaker Series meeting is a Zoom event on
SATURDAY, October 17 from 10am to 12pm.

TOPIC: Practical Cognitive Strategies for Brain Injury Survivors
Joanne and Herb Hein, who each have over 40 years of experience of providing speech, language and cognitive treatment for brain injury survivors, will be discussing compensatory strategies for challenges with attention/concentration, memory, organization and executive functioning. There also will be time for you to have your questions answered.

Joanne & Herb Hein
Founders, Hein Speech-Language Pathology

Saturday, October 17, 2020
10:00-Noon (PST)


NO registration is required—it is open to everyone!

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